UFWP Program 2.0

Language: English and Hindi

Instructors: Siddharth Bhanushali

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Live QnA Session Details
Send Your Journal at abcjournal@sidsnb.com
Live Q&A & Journal Checking Session Details
Siddharth Live QnA & Journal Session - 14th Nov 2021 (29:00)
Introduction of Program
Start With End In Mind (9:00)
Basic of Stock Market
Basic of Stock Market For Beginners I Part 1 (7:00)
Basics of Stock market For Beginners I Part 2 (8:00)
Basic of Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis Chart Basic (11:00)
Live Market Basics (13:00)
Free Technical Chart link
Understand Candlestick Pattern & Psychology
Introduction - Way to Approach this program (2:00)
OHCL (15:00)
Will you be added to any WhatsApp group?
Big White & Big Black
Big White & Big Black (8:00)
Big Black & White Quiz
Big White & Black Answer Explanation (5:00)
Swing (11:00)
Swing Quiz
Swing Answer Explanation (4:00)
Swing High & Swing Low
Swing High & Swing Low (3:00)
Swing High & Swing Low Quiz
Swing High - Swing Low Answer Explanation (4:00)
Hammer (Bullish Tail)
Bullish Tail - Hammer (10:00)
Hammer Quiz
Hammer Answer Explanation (7:00)
Shooting Star (Bearing Tail)
Bearish Tail - Shooting Star (6:00)
Shooting Star Quiz
Shooting Star Answers Explanation (6:00)
Doji (Neutral Candle)
Doji-Neutral Candle (7:00)
Doji Quiz
Doji Answers Explanation (5:00)
Pre-Requisite of ABC Strategy
Introduction (5:00)
Few Important Things for ABC System (5:00)
Time Frame (5:00)
1st criteria of ABC (13:00)
Buying "A" Exam Quiz (11 pages)
Buying "A" Answer Explanation (4:00)
2nd Criteria of ABC System (5:00)
Buying "AB" Exam Quiz (11 pages)
Buying "AB" Answer Explanation (5:00)
3rd Criteria of ABC System (5:00)
Buying "ABC" Exam (12 pages)
Buying "ABC" Answer Explanation (7:00)
What is Short Selling? (5:00)
Shorting on ABC System (3:00)
Shorting "ABC" Exam (22 pages)
Shorting ABC - Answer Explanation (5:00)
On YouTube Siddharth Sir has taught 44 MA & In the course ABC Strategy, Why?
How to add MA & BB settings on Investing.com (3:00)
Step by Step ABC Strategy
Stock Selection & Entry (11:00)
Stop Loss (4:00)
Target (11:00)
Quantity (2:00)
Risk Management (3:00)
Download ABC Risk Management Sheet
Re-Entry (2:00)
Back-Testing (9:00)
RISK - REWARD (2:00)
Why ABC? (3:00)
How to Make a Journal in Excel (10:00)
Download Journal Format
Practice 50 Charts on ABC Strategy
How to Do ABC Scan Using Keystocks
How To Do ABC Scan using Keystock (7:00)
Live Market Trades
Nifty 3min II Live Market Trade (5:00)
Tata Motor 5min II Live Market Trade (3:00)
Tatamotors Daily I Live Market Trade (2:00)
Tech Mahindra I Live Trading (3:00)
INFY I Live Trading Case Study (3:00)
DivisLab I Live Trading Case Study (5:00)
Bajaj Finance I Live Trading Case Study (4:00)
Journal Checking Videos
Journal Recording - 06th Nov 2021 (16:00)
Journal Recording - 31st Oct 2021 (23:00)
Journal Recording - 16th Oct (28:00)
Journal - 07th Oct 2021 (16:00)
Journal Recording - 11th Sept (14:00)
Journal Recording - 08th Sept (17:00)
How to use Risk Management Sheet (Quantity) (6:00)
Journal Recording - 15th July (12:00)
Journal Recording - 10th July (19:00)
Journal 29th June (15:00)
Recorded Journal 25th June (11:00)
Live Q&A & Journal Checking Session (ABC) by Siddharth Bhanushali on 27th June 2021 (25:00)
Journal - 22nd June (15:00)
Recorded Journal & Q&A on 3rd June
Journal Checking 24th oct 2021 (16:00)
Q&A Session Recordings
Q&A Recording - 02nd Nov 2021 (17:00)
Q&A Recording 27th Oct 2021 (15:00)
Q&A Recording - 13th Oct 2021 (14:00)
Q&A Recording - 07th Oct 2021 (8:00)
Q&A Recording - 03rd Oct 2021 (13:00)
Q&A Recording - 28th July (21:00)
Q&A Recording - 20th July (22:00)
QnA Recording - 14th July (25:00)
Q&A Recording - 09th July (18:00)
Recorded ABC Q&A Excel Sheet - 30th June
Q&A Session Recorded - 26th June (25:00)
Q&A Sheet - 23rd June 2021
Q&A Sheet - 21st June 2021
Q&A Recorded - 02nd June
Must Watch - End
Course kabtak Valid hai
Ending video (2:00)
Trading Psychology - Mindset
Follow this If you Don't Want to Make Money (6:00)
Trade With Long Term Vision (6:00)
Always Be In 1st Category (7:00)
I'm New To Trading (6:00)
Have Relationship Manager (7:00)
Not Much Technical Analysis Learned (7:00)
Trade Your Own Style (7:00)
Plan Your Trade (4:00)
Mood Nahi Hai toh Kya Kare (4:00)
System Pe Trade Nahi Aa Raha Hai Toh Kya Kare (4:00)
Lesson From Bhagwat Gita (4:00)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
On Youtube Siddharth Sir has taught 44 MA & In the course ABC Strategy, Why?
Will you be added to any WhatsApp group?
How to Insert 100 charts in one click in PPT?
Download Risk Management Sheet
Download Journal Format
Which Time Frame to Follow for Swing Trade & Intraday?
What if, I have finished all the videos of Strategy part?
I have an query regarding Trading system, Trades in Live Market or question regarding Basics?
When Two Days Online UFWP Event will be Conducted?
How to mark Chart & how to add an image in EXCEL (7:00)
How to Make a Trading Journal
When Long Term Strategy, Asian paint Strategy Siddharth sir will teach?
Do I Need to open Demat Account?
How much Capital do I need to Start Trading in Live Market?
Is Options Strategy will you taught in this Strategy?
When we will get to learn about Pyramiding (2:00)
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Keystocks Software
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